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Poetics Presents

Najwa Salam Brax

Najwa is currently working on an MA in English, and hopes to write more poetry soon.

Writers' Village members look forward to reading more of Najwa's work.

Cedar Tree

I am a cedar tree in Mount Lebanon.
My towering head caresses the blue tent,
my evergreen arms reach out to the horizon
and my beauty is always renewed.
The rose-scented breeze combs my hair,
miraculously waters me. Sunshine bathes
my outstretched, mystic limbs.
Fall cannot shed my arrow-like leaves,
nor can Winter bend my mighty boughs.
I long to keep climbing heavenward
to merge with my ideal image-tree
which is in eternity. Lovebirds, rich
in iridescent colors, ecstatically nest
in my faith-veined palms and people
are eager for my swaying shades.
A part of the Moon's silver light I was.

In the beginning, the Almighty granted me
a spiritual gift. I felt the hidden vibrations
of humans thoughts. The lofty ones lifted
my spirits and permeated my veins; the evil
ones repulsed me, making my foliage tremble.
Solomon and his beloved Sheba stood in my
shade and together sang the Song of Songs;
I caught wisdom from his wit and absorbed
love from his lips... Three thousand years
passed... and I was still the Queen-of-Trees,
whose name was glorified by the Bible stories.

Then a conflict between good and evil raged
deep in my roots: a part of me was humble
and humane, the other arrogant and vicious.
A ferocious war erupted within my heart.
I fervently prayed to the Creative Power
to split me and keep me away from
my malicious self. A thunderbolt struck
and consumed it. Fresh scents wafted back
to me; I have prospered while my other self
withered and rotted. I am free of darkness.

Copyright © 2000 Najwa Salam Brax

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