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F2K: Fiction Writing for the New Millennium

F2K: Fiction Writing for the New Millennium is WVU's FREE course covering the 6 basic elements of fiction (Senses, POV, Conflict, Characterization, Plot & Theme). Over the span of 6 weeks, students explore each fiction element in the form of writing assignments, attend optional Sunday/Wednesday night chats, a guest chat with Eric Maisel (author of The Creativity Book), and a chat seminar, then complete the course by incorporating all 6 lessons to create a short story to be entered in the F2K Writing Contest. The course is offered 6 times a year and promotes lasting friendships and provides valuable interaction with peers who share a passion for writing.

Registration for the session beginning October 3 is open now through September 26. All registered students receive a 'Welcome' letter on the start date of the session (October 3) explaining how to register a password and proceed to their assigned study group.

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