How To Get The Ice Key In Banjo Kazooie

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In banjo kazooie the ice key is found in wozza s cave in a large alcove although the room is blocked by an unbreakable transparent wall of ice. The idea is that when you have banjo tooie you will have to stop your game with the stop n swop screen on take out the banjo kazooie cartridge and insert your banjo tooie cartridge.

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Dive down into the water and go through the small opening.

How to get the ice key in banjo kazooie. To get them put the following codes in at the sandcastle in treasure trove cove. After obtaining it the duo must enter the waterfall cavern of glitter gulch mine destroy a talon torpedo door and swim through the tunnel leading to the icy portion of hailfire peaks. The other and preferred in my opinion method is to go to treasure trove cove head into the sandcastle and enter the following code on the floor.

Ice key the ice key is located inside wozza s cave. I have tried many times to get the ice key in the freezeasy peak level and can t seem to get it. However they are part of a removed feature called stop n swop.

Cheat now you can see a nice ice key which you. A fanfare will play announcing the legendary ice key. Here you can see the n64 ice key frozen behind a wall of ice.

First of all the ice key and mystery eggs have nothing to do with beating grunty. Go back to lozza s banjo tooie main page. In the nintendo 64 version of the game it is locked behind an ice wall but is just visible and only obtainable through the treasure trove cove sandcastle.

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Entering the code cheat now you can see a nice ice key which you can have for free on the sandcastle floor in treasure trove cove will dissolve the wall allowing the player to access the key. Once you have the key in either nintendo 64 or xbla go to glitter gulch mine and go to the waterfall cavern. The ice key will then be saved on banjo tooie.

Now you can see an ice key which you can have for free. In banjo tooie banjo and kazooie can obtain the ice key by destroying a banjo kazooie game pak enemy in jinjo village. Collect the key and go back into banjo tooie where you now have the ice key.

I have checked at least three different sites to ma banjo kazooie questions and answers nintendo 64.

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