How To Get Rid Of Aphids On A Plum Tree

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Aphids on plum trees. Where possible tolerate populations of aphids the plum aphids often do not affect cropping or future health of the tree use finger and thumb to squash aphid colonies where practical encourage aphid predators in the garden such as ladybirds ground beetles hoverflies parasitoid wasps and earwigs.

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The best home remedy for aphids on trees involves killing aphids with soapy water especially citrus trees.

How to get rid of aphids on a plum tree. Dish soap coats insects smothering them. Simply mix a few teaspoons of. This can affect the growth of the tree and reduce the foliar canopy as the new leaves curl and die.

It is important to control plum aphids as populations can quickly get out of hand and serious infestations drain plant reserves. Make a homemade insecticidal soap a low toxicity bug control solution that will desiccate the soft bodies and kill the aphids without doing harm to your plants. The best home remedy for aphids on trees soapy water is one of the easiest diy tricks for pest control.

Damage to fruit trees by these aphids starts with the feeding on young terminal shoots.

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