How To Get Out Of Hover Mode In A Hydra

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In addition tap lt to reduce speed but not complete turn off the engine. Press 8 on your keypad to the right to rotate the thrusters into regular flying mode.

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Press and hold w to fly s to slow down.

How to get out of hover mode in a hydra. This thread is archived. Press q e to rotate the jet left and right. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Back when i played it on ps2 i didn t find that out until a while after beating the game. How do i take the hydra out of hover mode and fly it. Anyway to put the hydra into hover mode.

And where do i find a hydra 15 in gta san andreas ps2. It is difficult to slow down from flight mode into hover mode and the throttle must be constantly modulated otherwise the engine will cut out if the hydra is close to the ground. Push the right stick forwards to go into fly mode and back to go back to hover mode.

I can only seem to hover can anyone tell me which button i need to press or combination. Can you hover the hydra. Once you think you re slow enough go into vtol and you should be stationary pretty quick.

To turn of hover you have to push the right analog stick forward then hold x then you will just keep going faster and faster till it reaches the top speed. If slowed down to the point that the main engine shuts off switching to vtol mode and accelerating will not start the engine preventing any thrust coming through. Press a d for roll.

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How do i make the hydra in gta san andreas get out of hover mode for ps2. Doc morris 11 years ago. Anyway to put the hydra into hover mode.

Press the up down arrows for pitch. Thanks for any help. One will spawn on top of sweet s house on grove street if you get 100 completion of the game.

Press 2 on your keypad to the right to rotate the thrusters into hover mode. Posted by 5 years ago. After the final toreno mission you get a hydra at your airstrip in the desert.

Put down your landing gear putting down your landing gear will reduce the hydra s speed by quite a lot.

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