How Old Do Rabbits Have To Be To Get Neutered

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Most vets will not neuter a rabbit after it reaches six years of age. So ive had my male rabbit for well over a year and he is lovely so nice.

Hey I M Kirby I M A Small Neutered Male Rabbit Who Is About 3 Months Old With A Short White And Black Coat I Am A Very Social And Adoption Sweet

The testicles are removed via the scrotum or lower abdomen.

How old do rabbits have to be to get neutered. This is when they first reach sexual maturity. What does a neuter surgery involve. This surgical procedure is done under general anesthesia.

Female rabbits are generally old enough to be spayed between 4 and 6 months. Many veterinarians prefer to neuter at 6 months of age. When rabbits have reached middle age 5 6 years old they can be considered too old to be altered.

Some female rabbits need to wait a bit longer and can only be spayed after they reach six months of age. Your vet will tell you if your pet is an acceptable candidate for spaying or neutering. Giant breeds of rabbits may reach maturity a couple of months later so the surgery might be done a little later in these breeds if necessary.

Most rabbits are neutered between four and six months of age. Don t wait until your rabbit is too old to be neutered. Castration males is a relatively minor operation which can be performed as soon as the testicles descend 10 12 weeks although most vets wait until the rabbit is 4 or 5 months old when the operation is easier to perform and the anaesthetic risk is reduced.

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Make the decision only after your rabbit is at least three to five months old the age after which it can be neutered. It is fruitless to determine whether to have your rabbit neutered before you can actually do so. Males can be neutered as soon as the testicles descend usually around 8 12 weeks.

When male rabbits are between 3 and 5 months old they are old enough to be neutered. For the majority of rabbits this means at about 4 to 6 months of age. If you choose a vet for free neuter that you found online do as much research into them as you can before deciding to have them neuter your pet rabbit.

In the end where you have your rabbit neutered is up to you. People often ask how old does a rabbit have to be for spay neuter surgery for boys they can be neutered as soon as their testicles descend usually at about 10 12 weeks. Females can be spayed as soon as they sexually mature usually around 4 months of age but many veterinarians prefer to wait until they are 6 months old as surgery is riskier on a younger rabbit.

For females many rabbit veterinarians prefer to wait until rabbits are 6 months old although some veterinarians do it as early as 4 5 months. You can have your pet rabbit spayed or neutered at about the age it reaches the age of sexual maturity. He isnt neutered and when he was around 4 months old i let him out for a run around the garden and as i was sorting his hutch he was sitting next to me and when i got up he chased me and was biting me and clawing at me.

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The right age to spay or neuter. You can neuter or spay your rabbit once it reaches the age of about five months old. Today we went in depth discussing whether or not you should have your pet rabbit neutered for free.

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