How To Get Rid Of Wild Violets From Lawn

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Although this method will guarantee that you will get most if not all of the plant s roots out crawling around on your lawn on your knees can be both tedious and strenuous. Weeds like wild violets are less likely to grow in a lawn when the lawn itself is healthy.

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Wild violets is a perennial weed so no pre emergent herbicide will prevent wild violets from spreading in your lawn.

How to get rid of wild violets from lawn. Get out and learn. That s because lawn services apply a broad leaf weed killer at the optimum time in summer. The best method of wild violet control is a thick and healthy lawn.

Late fall is the best time to apply weed control and get rid of wild violets and ground ivy. The most effective way to control violets in lawns is chemicals. The dense roots of the grass will help prevent those pretty little devils from ever taking root.

Now if you don t already have tenacity don t go buy it just for the single purpose of knocking out creeping charlie and violets. However wild violets spread underground and do not produce many seeds so it is almost impossible to get all of the wild violets. Fall is a great time to get out and spray weeds especially if you have not done it before.

When to get rid of wild violets using herbicide to eradicate wild violets is best undertaken in the fall. Thus you have a good chance of the herbicide killing the plant all the way down to ground level with a fall application. Concentrates applied with a garden hose attachment will damage the plants but as with most treatments repeated applications will be necessary to kill wild violets.

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Therefore the weed control products will move down into the root system providing better control. At this time the herbicide will be transported down to the taproot as the plant stores nutrients for winter. The reason for this is that plants are in the process of moving food into the root systems in the fall.

Most lawns that use a lawn service don t have violets. Digging up large areas of wild violets has proven to be effective. Pulling violets out of turf is almost useless you can t get those roots and certainly you can t mulch a lawn.

In addition to killing tough weeds such as spurge duh oxalis ground ivy creeping charlie and many others spurge power actually kills violets. Mow the grass on a regular basis and take other precautions to ensure optimal growth. Keep the lawn mowed and properly cared for.

But if you already have it use it. Getting rid of wild violets remove violets by hand one of the most tedious methods available for removing wild violets from your lawn is to pull them one by one by hand.

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