How To Get Rid Of Self Cleaning Oven Smell

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Fill a small bowl with water and add one teaspoon six ml of vanilla extract or 10 drops of vanilla essential oil. The most popular kind of oven cleaner is a spray that you can buy at commercial hardware stores.

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Dip a cloth into the bowl and wring out the excess water.

How to get rid of self cleaning oven smell. Use vanilla extract to make your oven smell like your grandma s home wipe the oven with vanilla to make your kitchen smell as freshly baked cookies. Put a few drops of vanilla extract on a clean cloth. Remove any pooled grease or thick spills from the oven walls and floor using warm soapy water and a rag.

Try these other tips for keeping your oven clean between deep cleaning sessions. When you turn the oven on next it will emit a pleasant vanilla smell. Once you re done pat the inside dry with a paper towel.

You have a few basic things to do before setting the oven to self clean mode. Open windows and turn on a fan to keep the fumes from spreading through your home. The strong vanilla smell can mask the bad odours in the oven.

Then thoroughly rub down the inside walls of the oven. Remove any visible debris beforehand too. Then set the oven to self cleaning mode according to the manufacturer s instructions.

If you notice afterward that the glass panel on the inside of your oven door is still dirty sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the glass and splash with a touch of water to create a paste. Boil and water water is a surprisingly successful combatant to the lingering smell of oven cleaner. Take a wet sponge and wipe or scrub if required off the baking soda.

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Thankfully the bad smell from your self cleaning oven can be reduced if you remove the racks and clean them by hand leaving them out of the oven while you run the self cleaning cycle. To get rid of small splotches and stains wipe down the interior with a scrub pad soaked in warm water and dish soap. Preset your oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit and place a large pot of water on the lowest rack.

After you ve cleaned your oven there are two ways you can use vanilla to make it smell more pleasant. Let the oven cool down. Rub that all over the glass and let it sit for a half hour to an hour.

Make a solution of one part vinegar and one part water in a cleaning bucket. Your oven isn t filthy but it s by no means as spotless as you d like. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a teaspoon of vanilla extract or 10 drops of vanilla essential oils.

Many people wonder if the oven cleaner smell is dangerous and because some brands may contain toxic fumes it s advised to clean your oven in a well ventilated area. Wipe down the inside of the oven with vanilla extract.

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